22 Feb 2022

They are created by our specialist teams using specific machinery and equipment, with various types of paint according to requirements or the road surface, such as:

  • Pre-mixed and post-sprayed acrylic paint or water-based paint with post-sprayed beads
  • With cold, flat, drop, roller or sprayed bicomponent resin with catalysed beads on cement bases
  • With application of elastoplastic laminates applied hot
  • With polyurethane or epoxy bicomponent resin for smooth cement bases
  • Hot stamped and resin coated asphalt

We can also manufacture and provide templates for any kind of signage and format, in plastic or metal.

22 Feb 2022

They are designed and constructed according to client requirements using structures in hot galvanised steel or aluminium according to standards UNI EN 1461 and EN 1090.

On request, all the structures can be provided with calculation reports according to current legislation.

22 Feb 2022

They are exclusively created in our laboratory using prime quality materials, based on the latest technologies currently available.
They can also be designed, manufactured and supplied based on the client’s specific design.

22 Feb 2022

These include a complete range of road safety signs:

  • Speed bumps
  • Speed limit signs
  • Median strips
  • Kerbing for flowerbeds
  • Fixed and immersible bollards
  • Mirrors
  • Markers (cat’s eyes)
  • Pedestrian barriers
  • Demonstration barriers
  • Treadable or wall-mounted film
  • Arches
  • Round concrete bollards
  • Snow poles
  • Absorbent products
  • Bins
  • Bus stop shelters
  • Benches
  • Bicycle racks
  • Cones
  • Dog waste bins

And many more products, also on request

22 Feb 2022

They are usually requested with specific iron supports in 10/10 mm, appropriately treated, or 25/10 aluminium and film with normal or high refraction, according to the road use and the duration on the construction site.

It is possible, on request, to also produce them in plastic, suitably coated with a reflective film.

22 Feb 2022

Street furniture signs are created using a particular external profile, with side edging and a specific groove where flat aluminium sheet metal is fitted composing the two sides, which will then be covered with refractive and non-refractive film, producing the required message.

The sign is affixed using specific hooks and bolts, on the hexagonal support, which is also in aluminium, in which a galvanised steel tube is inserted, to increase its strength against wind.

The sign is enhanced using specific spacers, an interspace covering base for the foundation and spherical end plug at the top. All these decorative elements are obtained from steel bars using numerical control machinery.

If necessary, they can be manufactured with base plates and anchor bolts for easy dismantling.

We can also produce materials to customer design and by commission.

22 Feb 2022

When particular signs are required, with various colours, symbols and photographs, PSR uses high resolution digital printing, in small, medium and large format,
using refractive or non-refractive film. The prints are protected by anti-UV film, to guarantee standards of duration and superior quality.

This system also allows direct printing on various products, other than film, such as:

  • PVC
  • Fabric
  • Alveolar polypropylene
  • PVC banners with edging and rings
  • Treadable or wall-mounted film
22 Feb 2022

The full range of road signs implemented by the Rules of the Road is manufactured by PSR S.r.l. using prime quality materials, such as 25/10 mm aluminium, 10/10 mm iron or extruded aluminium, appropriately treated, thermo-setting powder painted and finished with normal, high or very high refractive film, in a single silk-screened or composite part.

For warning or overhead signs, 30/10 mm aluminium is normally used, for greater strength, with application of a prismatic film with very high refractive power.
The warranties are normally 7-year for normal refractive power and 10-year for high and very high refractive power

22 Feb 2022

Signage planning requires utmost attention to quality, as well as visual and interpretative perception of road signs.

In fact, too many signs can confuse the user, while too few instead create a lack of information and uncertainty.

Signage planning allows:

  • Better organised traffic flows, directed to the most important local sites, thereby reducing direction signs to a minimum.
  • Increased traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Free-flowing traffic
  • Reduced number of road accidents
  • Also reducing harmful exhaust gas emissions

To give our client a clear example of how the new signage would be presented, a photo of the signage unit may be provided.